Learn more about the Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate

Gain the applied skills and knowledge needed to successfully execute social media across an organization


DLearn more about the Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate

Explore the entire social media ecosystem at a strategic level and understand the role of social media within the marketing and communications strategy of an organization


Learn more about the Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate

Earn a University and Industry recognized, professional certification in Advanced Social Media Strategy

  • Joel

    Social media is a huge market in Australia, everyone is very active and is rushing to fill the space. This academic certification is so important to ensure I am ahead of the curve.

    Joel Trethowan

    Founder & Business Director, Alchemy One Media, Sydney Australia
  • Adelyn

    The Newhouse-Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy certification is not only a great overview of the issues and possibilities surrounding social media but also a refreshing way to help you analyze your brand’s strategic approach. Dr. Ward has been involved with all ends of the industry and provides well rounded coursework in easy-to-follow formats.

    Adelyn Biedenbach

    Digital Media & Communications, Florida Panthers
  • tifanni

    Completing the ASMS certificate allowed me to earn recognized credentials from two leading brands, both from directly within the industry and from higher education, showcasing my strategic knowledge on social media for business. This helps me put my best foot forward in a highly competitive industry, and continue to support small businesses in the federal procurement marketplace.

    Tiffani Clements

    Public Affairs Specialist, US Small Business Administration
  • Brenna White

    Working in advertising, it’s crucial that I’m keeping up to date with today’s changing digital communications. ASMS was exactly what I needed to really understand social media from a strategic vantage point, beyond the execution, and across an organization.

    Brenna White

    Digital Marketing, Canada Safeway
  • Sarah Rambold

    The ASMS certificate delivers comprehensive education and training on the entire social media ecosystem at a strategic level. It allowed me to see how social media fits across the entire organization at a high level, and how it helps me achieve my marketing goals.

    Sarah Rambold

    Senior Marketing Coordinator, KPMG Canada
  • Matt Lang

    In my role, I coordinate a variety of marketing initiatives, including our social media efforts. The ASMS certificate has given me the applied skills and knowledge to create a comprehensive social media strategy, and a strategic understanding of how social media impacts the entire organization.

    Matt Lang

    Assistant Marketing Manager Coors Light™, Molson Coors